High-tech materials and customized solutions for thermal, electric and acoustic insulation

Extremely tough:

Every insulation application is different, and special requirements are part of our everyday business. Similarly, product geometry requirements can be just as diverse as the insulation tasks themselves. This is why Frenzelit relies on expertise along the entire value chain. We deliver high-tech solutions from a single source. Our insulation products are high-temperature-resistant up to 1100 °C and are extremely tough: Resistance against chemicals or environmental influences, static strength and mechanical properties, such as compressive strength, can be specifically configured through intelligent material combinations and numerous finishing options (e.g., coatings). And we exclusively use substances that are harmless to health and environmentally compatible as the basis for high-temperature applications.

We offer both materials for further processing and customer-specific manufactured insulation products:


Insulation materials

Our high-temperature-resistant materials, in the form of technical textiles, insulation paper and boards, are used for thermal and acoustic insulation in numerous industries, e.g., in aluminum, glass or steel production.

Tailor-made finished parts

Based on customer requirements and dimensions, we produce molded parts for automated installation, precision milled parts and ready-to-install punched parts, e.g., for the mobility industry, as well as precision ready-made insulation products for fire protection and sewer rehabilitation.

Fire protection

You can rely on the innovative high-tech textiles and composite materials made by Frenzelit in all areas: In buildings, when working or in the increasingly important sector of fire protection for batteries.

Sewer rehabilitation

Frenzelit has developed extremely high quality textile products for trenchless sewer rehabilitation with their isoLINE® series. Damage to waste pipelines can be repaired in a fast, cost-effective and environmentally compatible way.


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Thermal insulation

On the one hand, we must find ways to protect humans and systems from extreme temperatures and, on the other, we need to minimize thermal losses in order to increase the efficiency of machines and systems. Or protect objects from extreme heat. Depending on the expected temperatures and location, the material must meet specific values for thermal conductivity and heat resistance. Frenzelit has the right solution for every requirement with its comprehensive material knowledge and proprietary formulations.


High-temperature-resistant materials

isoTHERM® S consists of SiO2 special glass fibers, is incombustible and can briefly withstand temperatures of up to 1100 °C.

Product details

Textile fire protection

The multilayer composite material isoGLAS® FTI is thin and easily integrated, expands in the event of fire, has an intumescent coating and meets the highest EI protection target.

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Heat shields

3D molded parts made of isoTHERM® SG offer effective thermal shielding in vehicle construction for manifolds, turbochargers or catalytic converters.

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Acoustic insulation

Various Frenzelit products show their strength when it comes to protecting not only against heat but also against noise. They also ensure highly efficient acoustic insulation and can be used as sound insulation in the automotive industry or in gas turbines.


Technical needlemats

Sound absorption measurements show: Our nonwoven materials isoTHERM® and isoGLAS® are also excellent for reducing sound emissions.

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Sound and heat insulation

As a multi-talent in the automotive industry, isoTHERM® SG not only acts as a heat shield, it also provides acoustic insulation in the engine room.

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Acoustic pillows for gas turbines

These elements reduce sound emissions in the exhaust shaft. Material and geometry are selected individually according to customer specifications.

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Electrical insulation

Non-conductive materials with high dielectric strength are suitable for shielding components or parts, for instance, in electric vehicles in the mobility industry. Other requirements are also often necessary, such as specific temperature resistance, flexibility, durability against compression or even high hygiene requirements. The extensive Frenzelit portfolio of highly functional materials enables customized solutions. Get in touch with us!


Phlogopite mica for shielding

The product family novamica® is particularly suitable for electrical insulation and is also resistant against heat and chemicals.

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Fiber-based gasket sheets

The product line novapress®offers state-of-the-art fiber gaskets – including for shielding tasks.

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Innovative: Biosoluble fibers

An eco-friendly material for electric decoupling: isoplan® GREENLINE can also be easily processed.

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Silicone-coated fabric

We equip our fabrics with extremely high dielectric strength and other useful properties for insulation tasks.

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