Sewer rehabilitation

Trenchless methods are an economic solution for damage in old drainage system pipes.


Rehabilitation, not replacement

Trenchless rehabilitation is the solution of choice when there is no access to pipes on site or when the customer wants to save high costs and avoid problems resulting from masonry or excavation work. However, such repairs are often made more difficult due to changing pipe diameters and pipe bends. The right material choices mean that a solid, functional drainage system can be rapidly restored.

Products for trenchless sewer rehabilitation

Frenzelit offers high-quality textile products with

isoLINE®, whether you are planning liners or partial pipe rehabilitation – products that are particularly suitable for the renewal of building and house connections, and underground pipes. Our product line is characterized by its extremely high quality, reliability and safety. The material can optimally adapt to difficult conditions and individual requirements, is easy to handle and easy to install.


For partial or complete replacement

Particularly suitable for small diameters and with high flexibility: T-liners, short liners, head profiles or liners made by Frenzelit can be used depending on the piping layout.

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More information about sewer rehabilitation with Frenzelit products.

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isoLINE® products

The knitted fabrics or needlemats repair damaged pipes from the inside. We can master every pipe geometry with standard geometries or custom products.

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hicoTEC® TP Thermal Power

Our patented ultra-thin heating film can be laid directly in the plaster and is suitable for mold remediation, for example.

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