Powerful partnerships with suppliers and partners

Advantages for both sides

Frenzelit’s portfolio features a wide range of diverse products. This is why we cultivate business relationships with suppliers and partners from around the globe and are always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with the best in the business. We enjoy working with partners who lead the way in their respective industries. Together, we want to improve our efficiency to make an impact that will offer long-term benefits to everyone involved in the value chain.

A partnership on equal footing

Successful collaboration goes beyond financial aspects. Our mutual relationships are based on common values so the parties can treat each other with respect and form partnerships that are built on trust. Frenzelit is committed to the following values, which we appreciate in our partners and practice ourselves:

  • Innovative capability and flexibility (in terms of delivery deadlines, order quantities, changes and exceptional circumstances) for consistent responses to changes in the market
  • Clear and honest communication characterized by objectivity and goal-orientation
  • Quality and stability
  • Reliability and punctuality

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Achieving more together

Which markets are you active in? Do we have common business objectives? Get an overview of our business activities. Maybe we are on the same path and can join forces to achieve success together.

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What’s your specialty: Silicate fibers and fabrics, rubber-coated construction and stainless steel, paints, latex, wire mesh and expanded metal, rubber and all kinds of packaging materials? Then contact us! We use these materials in our gaskets, expansion joints and insulation and are always open to mutually beneficial partnerships.

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