Purchasing – Suppliers

A cornerstone of our company’s success is the efficiency and performance of our suppliers and partners. Assurance of the the best possible product quality as a result of long-term and competent collaboration with our partners is key.

Our purchasing volume is characterized by a large variety of products – we are constantly looking for reliable suppliers and business partners.

Requirements for our suppliers

  • Quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 (minimum requirement)
  • Ideally environmental certification according to ISO 14001
  • High flexibility, delivery capability and adherence to deadlines
  • Competitive prices by international comparison
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Acknowledgment of the Frenzelit General Terms and Conditions of Purchase
  • International logistics
  • Compliance with transportation regulations


Can you help make us even better for our customers with your expertise? Complete the supplier self-assessment and provide your portfolio to apply as a supplier:

Supplier self-assessment

Download our current General Terms and Conditions of Purchase here:

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

The information and protection of our employees and partners is important to us. The use of external companies at our locations is based on our

Agreement with Contractors.

In order to secure our quality standards, our Quality Assurance Agreement provides a contractual basis for a long-term partnership:

Quality Supply Agreement

Supplier Manual