We are there for you in all project phases: Our customer and installation services

Customer satisfaction is our prime objective. This is why we accompany you from the start and way beyond commissioning. For a solution that is perfect in every way, from technology to cost-effectiveness.

Project planning

To create customized solutions, you need to know exactly what the problem is. This is why our technicians consult with you personally on site and work with you to develop a technically functional and cost-effective solution that meets your requirements. We prepare a detailed quote for you with specifications based on this planning.

Design and production

With comprehensive Frenzelit material and production expertise, expansion joints are created and tested as needed in our Himmelkron, Bangalore and Lexington plants. Depending on the project, we can also produce expansion joints directly on site.

Installation and commissioning

Installing expansion joints is a challenging task: Modules that are often gigantic and heavy must be precisely positioned in what can be very tight installation locations. Experience is necessary for handling such sensitive, flexible materials so as to prevent damage during installation. This is why we offer our customers professional installation support. Choose from any number of customized services – from installation monitoring by our supervisor right up to on-schedule full installation by trained SCC-certified Frenzelit installation teams.


Installation heroes

Having a head for heights and physical fitness is essential: The installation of expansion joints is a challenging job. The components are often extremely large and work is frequently carried out at height and in close quarters. Safety always has top priority.

Servicing and repairs

Downtime costs money, which is why Frenzelit has a team ready for emergencies and short-notice assignments. We guarantee rapid response times and solutions when problems arise. Our experienced contacts are always available for regular maintenance and servicing – during the entire service life of the system and worldwide.

Ulf Pöhlmann, Head of Engineering
Expansion Joint Division at Frenzelit

Our aim is to carry out an assessment as quickly as possible at any site around the world, initiate measures and, where necessary, order the production of a new expansion joint.

We’re here for you!

Our expansion joints service hotline:Phone +1 336 814 4318 or

Safe products

We rely on proven design and tested materials that we produce ourselves and we offer certified products and services. All our products and materials are certified. Reliable, tight expansion joints also make your process safer.

Installation efficiency

As a full-service provider, we can optimally coordinate all necessary work and ensure scheduled installation – without the need for you to do any resource planning. Pre-assembled expansion joints units can also save additional time.

Optimized interfaces

Having a solution from a single source minimizes errors and delays during the project – both from a plant engineering and organizational perspective. Again, for future warranty issues, you will just have one contact.

Cost-effective solutions

We ensure, through joint on-site assessment, that economic aspects are also taken into account. Your advantage: An offer with comprehensible pricing and scheduling security. Another benefit: Our complete installation service saves personnel resources.


Expansion joint know-how

Frenzelit is specialized in expansion joints for gas turbines and brick-lined channels, as well as special solutions, such as vibration applications, extreme movements or highly abrasive media.

Five reasons to choose Frenzelit

This is where our engineers can help by providing personal advice on site. The joint assessment with you and your design engineers ensures that an optimal solution is developed for you. This makes it possible to harmonize your technical requirements and economic aspects.

Our offer gives binding information about the performance parameters of the compensator, the interface dimensions, the price and about the delivery time. If the possibility exists and it is requested, we can also make alternative proposals.

The installation of closed Frenzelit expansion joints can in most cases be carried out by your own expert staff without any complications. If you do not have your own staff available, or if the necessary expertise is not available in the case of openly supplied expansion joints, the fitters in our service team are at your disposal. We carry out complete assemblies, or you provide our senior assemblers with suitable auxiliary personnel. Even in the most difficult assembly conditions, we are at your side with help and advice. We are also happy to carry out steel construction work or take care of the necessary services of the ancillary trades.

Frenzelit is prepared to provide a warranty for each expansion joint supplied. The warranty applicable to each individual case will be agreed with you in writing. The warranty requirements should already be included in your enquiry. It is assumed here that the basic data correspond to the actual conditions of use and that installation has been carried out in accordance with our assembly and work instructions.

The finished compensator is checked by us in the factory for exact dimensional accuracy. Test and works certificates are issued on request.