Machine manufacturing and plant engineering

Effective composite materials and customized solutions increase operational safety and the efficiency of plants and machines.


Large-scale plants

Complex production environments with often extreme requirements should function while still conserving energy and resources. As a plant engineer, you can rely on Frenzelit components that guarantee your customers high operational safety, long maintenance intervals and shorter inspection times, securing their competitiveness over the long term.

Mechanical manufacturing and OEMs

Machine manufacturers must prevail in global competition and be able to react flexibly to market requirements. Peak efficiency is required by end customers. Innovative materials and components by Frenzelit ensure energy and resource-saving operation, are maintenance-friendly and help to minimize downtimes.

Improve the performance of your systems with Frenzelit.

Even though dimensions and basic conditions may change, all plant engineers know that safety and reliability are essential requirements. We can offer you a comprehensive portfolio of high-tech products made of innovative, highly functional composite materials for your gaskets, insulation, expansion joints and our hicoTEC® composite materials.

You can rely on the international availability of our products and our rapid service. We are also an effective, reliable development partner when it comes to special individual requirements.

Looking for a development partner and problem solver?

Our research and development department can find the solution for your special requirements in plant and machine engineering – with passion, over a century of industry knowledge and excellent material and production know-how. Contact us now!

Working together with Frenzelit experts, we were able to design a gasket that not only integrated additional special functions, but also remained reliable over the entire product life cycle. This reduced maintenance times and costs for our customers.

Michael Gommeringer, Development engineer, SICK AG

Ready for Industry 4.0

Our Gasket Code Technology Material allows us to read and reliably identify novapress® 850 and 880 soft gaskets by production batch and time period. This traceability facilitates subsequent reordering or complaint management, and fits perfectly into digitized production environments that require transparency in production.

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Graphite gasket novaphit® XP

No more scraping – which saves time during inspections: Thanks to the new coating, no residues remain stuck on flanges.

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New inner eyelet technology

Frenzelit has raised the performance of gaskets with eyelets to a new level with an elastic material that optimally adapts to flange unevenness. Leakage pathways are effectively blocked and sealing performance is significantly improved.

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3D molded parts

We determine the material and geometry according to your individual requirements, delivering insulation elements for automated installation.

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Fabric and non-metallic expansion joints

Highly flexible, robust and resistant expansion joints that can also absorb movements and vibrations in axial and/or lateral directions.

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Metal expansion joints

Single or multilayer metal expansion joints are ideal for high pressures and temperatures. We select the most suitable steel according to specifications and requirements.

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hicoTEC® TP: Heating films for plant engineering

Targeted heating of molds or critical components such as cameras or sensors reduce waste and prevent downtimes in plant engineering.

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hicoTEC® CF: Composite film with long fibers

Composite materials with customized properties for friction reduction, for longer service life or for clean room use.

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