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Components and systems for tomorrow’s mobility with expertise and material know-how from Frenzelit.


The automotive market

As the automotive industry transitions to alternative drives, it needs to balance a number of conflicts including meeting high customer demands, strict environmental standards and economic necessities.

Manufacturers of commercial vehicles

Efficiency and reliability over long service lives are also essential requirements for trucks and off-highway vehicles in the building sector and agriculture. At the same time, all components need to be low maintenance despite the particularly difficult operating conditions.

Consistent product quality for a constantly changing market

All players on the market, not just the automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers themselves, but also the suppliers of systems and components, place the highest of demands with regard to the quality and reliability of processed parts.

Frenzelit gaskets and insulation meet these demands and contribute significantly to improving the efficiency, safety and reliability of vehicles. For example, with innovative materials that protect people and technology even in exceptional situations.

Individual solutions and customized components – perfect right down to the last detail

Each vehicle has an individual geometry and some requirements cannot be resolved with off-the-shelf products. This is why our expertise is part of the development process, and we work with you to create compact, tailor-made, individual solutions and ensure they become series-ready products.

Smart solutions for carbon-neutral mobility

Emission-free drives working with electricity or hydrogen are increasingly important and require specialized products. Applications include, for example, battery insulation, fuel cell sealing or electrical heating of interior spaces. Arm your business for the future with Frenzelit’s expertise and tailor-made products!

Low-emission conventional drives

Environmental friendliness is an important aspect when purchasing a vehicle, which is why the automotive industry is focused on getting the most out of their motors, drives and gear units. Frenzelit gaskets and insulation help design systems as efficiently as possible and meet the standards required for exhaust management.

Protective sheaths for Audi

Frenzelit developed the thermoREFLEX® textile aramid protective sheath for the DC-DC converter in the electric SUV Audi e-tron. If the converter is damaged during an accident, passengers and emergency responders remain protected against electric shocks.

Long service life and low-maintenance, cost-effective operation for commercial vehicles.

The heavyweights in the vehicle world have their own requirements when it comes to gaskets and insulation. If, for instance, cooling units or brake compressors are optimally sealed, this reduces fuel consumption. We apply our expertise to these and other requirements, incorporating your ideas and offering you powerful components, even in small quantities.

Looking for a competent partner?

We are your contact with automotive and commercial vehicle industry expertise. We develop customized materials and solutions for your special requirements. Contact us now!

High-performance gaskets for all media

Our gaskets are precisely designed for each application purpose through the right selection of substrate, material, coating and manufacturing process.



Galvanic decoupling

novaform®, a material used to decouple metallic surfaces, is characterized by high mechanical resistance and can withstand high forces from bolted connections.

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Protection of HV vehicle components

Solutions for burst, fire and contact protection for electric vehicles can be created using thermoREFLEX® insulation material.

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Thermal protection in combustion engine 3D molded parts

We custom-produce textile high-temperature insulation components as 3D molded parts. They offer optimal insulation properties in compact spaces and can be mounted in an automated process.

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hicoTEC® TP Thermal Power

As a composite material, the heating film is a proven material for auxiliary heating in the recreational vehicle industry or as a heating solution for safety-critical sensors.

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hicoTEC NE New Energy

Fuels cells are increasingly relevant as alternative drives. Our carbon fiber-based non-woven material supports the gas diffusion layer in the transport of reaction gases and the reaction products electricity and water.

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