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Every industry sector – whether the process industry, discrete manufacturing, plant engineering or building engineering – poses its own requirements. We understand the many special considerations involved in each sector. This is why we can deliver you specialized, thoroughly tested materials and products for safe, reliable operation of your systems.

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Combining effective materials and customized solutions for success.

Distinguishing your solutions from challenging competitors means designing production to be as efficient and reliable as possible. This is why you should rely on components made by Frenzelit. The decision to use well-designed products pays for itself: You avoid emissions and losses, reduce downtimes, reduce maintenance costs, maintain hygiene standards thanks to excellent material properties, and permanently and reliably meet your sustainability or energy saving targets. Frenzelit Service also saves you stress and manpower in your company – we can support you in all areas with respect to delivery times, logistics and international support.

Whether you need products for extreme heat or freezing cold, high pressures and forces, aggressive media or high hygiene standards – our portfolio offers products and customized solutions for your industry.

Chemical and petrochemical industry

The chemical process industry poses extreme requirements for all production components. The focus is also on high added value, as well as safety for people and the environment. Our products make your systems more reliable.

Wood, paper and pulp industry

The insulation and sealing of thermal process systems must be perfectly customized for the respective application. You can achieve excellent outcomes with the high-performance gaskets, insulation and expansion joints made by Frenzelit.

Glass, steel, iron and aluminum industry

Working with high temperatures is not feasible without thermal insulation. You can achieve energy efficiency and application safety, even in extreme environments at over 1000°C, using insulation materials made by Frenzelit.

Food and drinking water industry

When it comes to health, it is essential to comply with legal regulations and meet high standards in the manufacturing process. This is why you should rely on Frenzelit’s industry expertise.


More climate protection is not possible without renewable energy and decentralized generation. Our products, from transformers to power plants to fuel cells, support ecological and economic operation.

Machine manufacturing and plant engineering

If high system availability is essential, every component must be reliable. You can depend on reliable, low-maintenance, intelligent products that have been designed for the manufacturing world of the future.

Heating and air conditioning

Unique challenges require special materials or innovative heating solutions. Profit from a century of experience in the development and production of high-temperature-resistant materials.

Sewer rehabilitation

The renewal of old, damaged pipelines should be cost-effective, fast and environmentally friendly. Even when conditions are very difficult, it is possible to carry out high-quality trenchless sewer rehabilitation with innovative textile products.

Fire protection and occupational safety

Material expertise in service of safety: Smart finishing techniques create application-specific fire protection fabrics and safety blankets with metal coatings that protect against injuries and save lives.

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