hicoTEC® CF Composite Film – composite materials with customized properties

High-strength? Durable in all directions? Or minimum friction? You know what you need for your process or system – and Frenzelit will produce the right material for you. The hicoTEC® CF (Composite Film) fiber-reinforced composite materials are produced according to customer specifications. We ensure, with the right formulations, that the highest demands for homogeneity, tribological properties or electrical conductivity are met. We combine a thermoplastic matrix with long fiber reinforcements based on carbon, glass or aramid for the LFT materials. Thicker films, boards or molded parts can be produced by melting together multiple layers.


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hicoTEC® CF coatings ensure efficiency and reliability in the process

Improvement of friction behavior or optimized sliding properties for components in your system have very specific advantages: Low wear increases service life and durability of the functional elements. Damage and downtimes occur less frequently, saving time and manpower for maintenance work. And, last but not least, less friction also means you need less energy to drive the tool. Contact us to find out what advantages we can create for your application!

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