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The safety and protection of components, systems and above all passengers are sensitive topics in new vehicle design. Whether alternative or conventional drives, issues such as burst, fire, contact and personal protection challenge every automotive manufacturer. Weather, high temperatures and mechanical loads subject components to extreme stress. For instance, if an electric vehicle is involved in an accident, all parts that carry high voltages must also be secured to protect passengers and rescue teams from the risk of fire or electrocution. Or if individual components such as manifolds or turbochargers become extremely hot, there must be a way of ensuring that the surrounding components are shielded from radiant heat.

Frenzelit specializes in technical textiles and high-temperature-resistant insulation and completes its portfolio with outstanding material, design and manufacturing expertise. This enables Frenzelit to offer its customers a broad spectrum of products and services for customer-specific use cases.

For example, Frenzelit GmbH offers carmakers a solution for burst and contact protection that encloses the vehicle’s DC voltage converter in insulating fabric, thus preventing the risk of electric shock in the event of an accident. Due to its high tensile strength, this material is ideally suited for preventing flying debris from piercing the fabric sheath.

Regardless of the drive system, whether e-mobility, hydrogen or conventional drives – Frenzelit has the requisite expertise to collaborate with you in any field to develop and deliver advanced, series-ready components and systems. In a development partnership we work together to create solutions for your specific use case – from the original idea to series production.

Application areas:  

  • Fire protection
  • Burst protection
  • Personal protection
  • Battery protection

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