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71. Electromobility
Meeting the challenges of electromobility: Find out how we can support you in the development of your mobility concept.
72. Hydrogen
…Find out how gasket materials by Frenzelit can improve the safety of fuel cells.
73. Fire protection
… and fire risks in buildings are constantly changing. Rely on fire protection materials by Frenzelit.
74. hicoTEC® TP for buildings
…rtable atmosphere for every home – with the innovative electric radiant heating technology hicoTEC TP made by Frenzelit.
75. Contact & Locations
… Phone: +1 336 217 7404  Mobile: +1 574 529 8034 E-Mail: Jeanette Johnson Inside Sales  Phone: +1 336 217…
76. Produkt Fabric and Non-metallic Expansion Joints
… plant engineering are too specific to be able to offer only standardized expansion joints. Frenzelit specializes in creating custom-designed expansion joints. The most important prerequisites for…
77. Produkt isoTHERM®
…The careful selection and optimum processing of the raw materials ensure that isoTHERM by Frenzelit shines with consistently high properties.<br/> High-temperature-resistant technical fibers pave the way for…
78. Produkt novaTEX®
Frenzelit processes high-strength aramid fibers in these products. These synthetic staple fibers do not melt and are incombustible. They give the finished textile products their temperature resistance and unusually high…
79. Produkt isoplan® GREENLINE
… or glue them together to achieve an even higher material thickness and greater insulation effect. Frenzelit offers a special high-temperature-resistant adhesive for this purpose. Ask about it! Versatile…
80. Produkt isoLINE® – Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation
Frenzelit’s isoLINE® product line offers a broad portfolio of solutions for trenchless sewer rehabilitation – also in the field of house connection. This makes it possible to eliminate damage in waste pipelines in a…
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