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11. Heating and air conditioning
…Insulation and thermal insulation with effective materials. Discover solutions by Frenzelit for heating and air conditioning.
12. Machine manufacturing and plant engineering
…Improved operational safety and efficiency – with effective composite materials by Frenzelit for machine manufacturing and plant engineering.
13. Fire protection and occupational safety
…Safety depends on the right materials. Discover insulation materials by Frenzelit for fire protection and occupational safety.
14. Gaskets
…Select from a comprehensive portfolio of top quality gaskets. Discover the gaskets made by Frenzelit.
15. Expansion joints
…Meeting every requirement: You will find effective expansion joints for every specification at Frenzelit.
16. Insulation
…Insulation up to 1100 °C: Frenzelit offers high-temperature-resistant technical textiles and materials for thermal and acoustic insulation.
17. hicoTEC®
…Materials for numerous technological applications: Discover the hicoTEC composite materials made by Frenzelit.
18. Innovative gasket materials
At home everywhere: Our innovative gasket materials offer top safety and reliability in numerous industries.
19. Customized series products
…Are you looking for a gasket for your specific requirements? Frenzelit will adapt your gasket precisely for your application purpose.
20. Insulation materials
…r smooth production processes in numerous industries: High-temperature-resistant insulation materials made by Frenzelit.
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