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61. Solutions for drive systems
Frenzelit specializes in technical textiles and high-temperature-resistant insulation and completes its portfolio with outstanding material, design and manufacturing expertise. This enables Frenzelit to offer its…
62. Industry
…Are you looking for effective gaskets, insulation and expansion joints? Frenzelit offers suitable products and solutions for numerous markets and industries.
63. Automotive
…Rely on proven quality in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. With innovative materials made by Frenzelit.
64. Shipbuilding, rail industry, aviation and aerospace engineering
…s, insulation, expansion joints and heating solutions for all non-road travel. Discover the solutions made by Frenzelit.
65. Sales Partners Worldwide
Frenzelit partners near you We are represented by a worldwide network of subsidiaries, sales and service partners in over 65 countries. Use our “Sales partners worldwide” service to quickly and easily find your…
66. Inner eyelet technology
… applications with hydrogen. More information New performance class for eyelets thanks to Frenzelit inner eyelet technology Inner eyelet technology is deeply rooted in many industries and is often…
67. Hydrogen applications:
… this particular medium into account, which is why there are no reliable test standards available. Frenzelit GmbH has already taken steps for its customers who want to use products in applications with…
68. Wood, paper and pulp industry
…More reliability, less energy consumption: Discover products and materials made by Frenzelit for the wood, paper and pulp industry.
69. Glass, steel, iron and aluminum
…For working safely in the glass, steel and aluminum industry: Discover the gaskets and textiles made by Frenzelit for extreme requirements.
70. Renewable energies
…Renewable energies are the future. Find out how Frenzelit solutions are driving the decarbonization of our energy systems forward.
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