Innovative gasket materials

Fabric Seals

Unique challenges demand special materials. In machine manufacturing and plant engineering, in process industry applications, in stoves and in boiler construction. In short: High-temperature-resistant fabric seals by Frenzelit are used wherever absolute reliability is essential. The raw materials are selected and processed based on the specific application and depending on the operating temperature. This results in a broad range of applications such as sealing solutions in, with and for furnace doors, hatches, covers, flanges, flue gas ducts and painting and drying lines.

Tadpole tapes
Tadpole tapes consist of woven fabric on the outside combined with a core enclosed in the head. While the head carries out the actual sealing and/or insulation function, the purpose of the tail is to attach the gasket to the component. The material is selected based on the application temperature and use case.

Wound packings/Layered tapes

Wound packings are available as 2-diagonally braided or as braided sleevings. Ready-made (wound) packings and tapes made by Frenzelit from a specified base material are (initially) layered until the specified dimension is achieved. We can also provide them with a core layer insert.

Insert: Depending on the application, a core can be incorporated in the fabric seal as an insert. This increases flexibility and improves resilience. A variety of materials can be used here; braided packings or twisted cords are used in most cases.

Application temperature limit up to 250 °C (short peaks up to 380 °C)

The base materials in novaTEX® textiles are high-strength synthetic fibers such as m-aramid, p-aramid or blends with Preox, etc. These staple fibers do not melt and are incombustible. They give the textile novaTEX® products extraordinarily high abrasion and chemical resistance. One of most outstanding features of novaTEX® is its mechanical strength.
Application areas: For applications that require high mechanical strength and special abrasion resistance (e.g. glass industry, conveyor belts).