Expansion joints

Multi-laminated PTFE expansion joints

PTFE composite materials

Frenzelit texlam® materials are specifically developed for use in chemical and flue gas cleaning plants. The combination of unique tightness and flexibility of multilam® 230 with the high temperature resistance and strength of glass opens up a broad spectrum of applications.

  • Chemical resistance to nearly all media
  • Excellent tightness
  • Outstanding flexibility, mechanical strength and resistance to bending
  • Temperature resistance up to 316 °C
  • Single-layer or multilayer processing

This innovation takes advantage of the excellent resistance of PTFE to nearly all media and high temperature resistance of glass fabric substrates. The temperature resistance for these material is more than 300 °C – with the same high tensile strength. Frenzelit texlam® 1250 and texlam® 1500 are coated on both sides with PTFE and additionally have a PTFE cross laminate on the media side. In contrast to conventional materials, wicking has been eliminated by coating the glass fabric on both sides. This coating is applied before the sintering of the cross laminate so that no glass fibers penetrate the laminate even during the sintering process. This makes it possible to use the material in wet applications or in conditions with extreme condensate formation. 

PTFE cross laminate 

multilam® 300 is an innovative PTFE laminate without fabric reinforcement that is used as a material for expansion joints. It was designed specifically for the chemical and food industry. This development has the following advantages:

  • Chemical resistance to nearly all media
  • High mechanical strength
  • Wide application range thanks to single-layer or multilayer processing options
  • Fold-free design for convoluted round expansion joints
  • Application temperature up to 250° C
  • Ideal for oscillations and vibrations

Frenzelit multilam® 100, 150 and 300 are PTFE materials that consist of multiple laminated single layers of film in different directions. This processing method results in tightness and tensile strength that is far superior to conventional PTFE films. As a result, these can be processed into single and multilayer expansion joints without a reinforcement layer.

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