Customized series products

Special Solutions “Engineered and made by Frenzelit”

Anything but ordinary: Innovative and custom gasket and insulation solutions

The primary function is typically the focus when it comes to finished parts for series production. In our case, the objective is to prevent emissions/leakage.

In collaboration with the customer we are also able to consider secondary functions in the design phase or integrate these into the product concept. We cover the integration of secondary functions with our special solutions “engineered and made by Frenzelit”.

In addition to the sealing function, this can include the following properties/functions:

  • Thermal conductivity
  • Ease of installation
  • Ability to be removed
  • Filter function
  • Galvanic and/or thermal decoupling
  • Acoustic decoupling
  • Loss security
  • Integration of vulcanized sealing lips

Our in-depth material and process expertise enables us to combine materials and processes to create a customized, “best fit” solution.

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Examples of special solutions