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novaform® FDV
Dispenser gaskets

Dispenser gaskets

novaform® FDV gasket systems are made with dispenser technology. The dispenser creates a sealing bead in a defined position. The specially developed dispenser method creates a dimensionally stable, geometrically uniform sealing element.

The sealing bead consists of either a non-corrosive curing silicone or of fluorine silicone for improved media resistance. The sealing bead and groove geometry are precisely coordinated to match. In addition to conventional applications as a gasket in off-load contact, the sealing bead can also be applied on components without groove or step.

Their very good adaptability and temperature & media resistance make gasket systems with novaform® FDV permanently dustproof and watertight (protection class IP6K9K according to ISO 20653), which is why they are already being used more frequently in e-mobility applications such as in:

  • Battery housings
  • Charging systems
  • Distribution systems

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Gasket in direct line of force

Many gasket systems seal in direct line of force. The gasket must therefore withstand all mechanical loads of the components. In the worst case, this can lead to gasket failure and thus leakage.

Gasket in off-load contact dispenser gasket

novaform® FDV seals in off-load contact. The components are tightened “en bloc” touching each other. The elastomer creates a permanent seal in the gasket system thanks to inner restoring forces (O-ring properties) and is free from additional mechanical loads.