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Gaskets made from fiber and graphite

The hybrid solution that combines fiber and graphite.

Gasket solutions made from our novatec® material combine the advantages of fiber and pure graphite gaskets.

The admixture of pure graphite gives novatec® gasket solutions better temperature and media resistance.

novatec® is therefore ideal for applications in which conventional fiber gaskets do not work or are no longer reliable and where mineral gasket solutions (e.g. novaphit® or novamica®) are “over engineered”, e.g. in:

  • Boiler systems (as ignition electrode gaskets)
  • HVAC systems
  • Household appliances (steam cookers, ironing stations, steam cleaners, etc.)

Thanks to their high graphite content, novatec® PREMIUM XP gasket solutions feature:

  • Temperature resistance up to approx. 250 °C
  • Very good media resistance
  • Very good residual stress.

Their optimized graphite morphology gives novatec® PREMIUM XP gasket solutions much lower leakage rates with standard surface pressures. novatec® PREMIUM XP gaskets come standard with a royal blue anti-stick coating, which functions reliably over the entire temperature range.

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