Production expertise

Best quality through state-of-the-art processes in design and production.

Customers are frequently surprised by all the things that we can produce “in-house”. We are committed to maintaining a high level of vertical integration of production processes within our company as this allows us to respond rapidly and flexibly, so we can accommodate a number of special requests.

Thomas Willemsen, Production manager, Industry division

Production technologies for perfect and cost-effective solutions

Every product and every material requires its own very specific production process. Additional challenges include quantities or delivery dates. At Frenzelit, we are extremely diversified in the field of production. For example, we produce gaskets using calendaring processes, while dispersion and screen printing technologies are used for automotive series production, and technical textiles are produced using wet laid nonwoven processes among others. We have punches for soft materials and metals, as well as systems for applying a wide variety of gasket contours. State-of-the-art machines are only surpassed by the experience and knowledge of our seasoned and skilled Frenzelit teams who work in production and engineering.


Engineering for customized products

Looking for custom design of products in the field of expansion joints and series gaskets? You can rely on the wealth of experience and knowledge found in Frenzelit Engineering. Optimized products are created for the respective application purposes through our state-of-the-art and CAD-supported methods, 3D models and simulations.

Production processes by Frenzelit

Process technology must always be up-to-date in order to create innovative products. Our team of experts develops new processes and continues to optimize proven technologies.


One of our greatest strengths: Our interdisciplinary working method. All divisions deploy their expertise and their knowledge in order to find the best solution for each requirement.


By relying on our bundled production expertise, our customers can minimize their supplier pool, reduce administrative costs and save time and money.

Christoph Ziegler
Category Manager Haberkorn GmbH

As the biggest technical distributor in Austria, we have had a good working partnership over many years with our supplier Frenzelit and have therefore been able to successfully implement numerous projects for our customers.

What can we do for you?

Take advantage of Frenzelit production expertise. We can create your customized product in-house and with top quality or we can supply you with the necessary gasket material for further processing.