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novamica® gasket solutions are far superior to other gaskets in terms of temperature resistance (up to 1000°C)!

In addition to excellent chemical properties, novamica® finished parts have very good electrical and thermal insulation properties. Due to its mineral composition and the low binder content, novamica® is also incombustible, so it is resistant to open flames.

novamica® gaskets are used everywhere thermal insulation, sealing function and high temperatures meet in series production, e.g. in:

  • Exhaust systems, turbochargers or EGR systems
  • Boiler systems

novamica®THERMEX gasket solutions combine the positive properties of optimized phlogopite mica with those of an expanded metal reinforcement, like the way it is used for example in novaphit® SSTC.

In addition to these properties of phlogopite mica, which is used in all novamica®gasket solutions, the stainless steel expanded metal insert in novamica® THERMEX gives it very good strength and ensures secure handling and universal application, even with complex geometries.

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