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3D molded parts


  • Inorganic hardening

3D molded parts for high-temperature insulation

Textile molded parts by Frenzelit offer OEMs and their suppliers in the field of exhaust systems and emission control an innovative, ready-to-install best solution for insulation tasks – perfect, dimensionally stable and automated installation.

Your advantages:

  • Faster
    Reduced cycle times thanks to simple – even automated – assembly
  • More precise
    Dimensional stability for precise positioning and mounting
  • Safer
    No skin irritation during assembly due to fibers that are loose or sticking out
  • More effective
    Optimal 3D geometry in the tightest spaces – without “hot spots”

They allow for perfect high-temperature insulation up to 1100 °C in the tightest spaces, custom geometries with variable wall thicknesses (gradients) – also in 3D molds – and low thermal conductivity. Molded parts by Frenzelit contain no harmful substances, emit no smoke or unpleasant odors and are supplied tailor made and ready-to-install.

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