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Fire protection fabrics

Finished Parts


  • Excellent lubricating and gliding properties

Fire protection fabrics by Frenzelit – the flexible textile solution

Frenzelit offers manufacturers of smoke aprons, fire barriers and fire protection systems textile woven fabrics that can be designed to meet the customer’s specific fire protection targets.

  • Protection Target E – Smoke curtain or physical barrier
  • Protection Target EW – Physical barrier with radiation prevention
  • Protection Target EI – Physical barrier and thermal insulation

    Solutions by Frenzelit satisfy all relevant national and international standards:

    • Fire Classification DIN EN 13501-1 and Incombustible Building Materials DIN 4102
    • Smoke-tight Design DIN 1634-3 with EN 12101-1:2005
    • Marine Equipment Directive (EU Council Directive 96/98/EC) Mared and BG Transport and Traffic
      Ship Safety Division (Module D) with EC
      Examination Certificate (Module B) and U.S. Coast Guard

    isoGLAS® FTI by Frenzelit is an innovative fabric composite that satisfies 100% of all requirements of Fire Protection Classes EI 30 / EI 60 / EI 90 (in accordance with DIN EN 1634-1).  The new composite material offers a wide range of application possibilities thanks to its smart design, excellent processing characteristics, flexibility, extraordinary lightness and slimness:

    • Variable finishing options for all dimensions
    • Building segmentation
    • Invisible installation in dropped ceilings
    • Installation around corners
    • Rolling technology
    • Lower smoke formation

    About the material