Tailor-made finished parts


Textile fire protection

Highly flame-resistant and ideal for use as an insulating fire barrier with protection target EI.

The complete system for fire protection consists of two modules:

Cover module consisting of layers:

     1. isoGLAS® – woven fabrics
     2. Aluminum foil

The cover module is the visible side of the structure.

Functional module consisting of layers:

     3. isoTHERM® 1000 needlemat
     4. isoGLAS® – woven fabric with special intumescent coating
     5. Aluminum foil

Any EI protection target (EI 30 / 60 / 90) can be achieved thanks to the modular structure.

Excellent insulation properties with an extremely thin material?
Frenzelit makes this possible. In case of fire, the innovative isoGLAS® composite material expands to many times its coating thickness.

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