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Optimum processing and careful selection of our raw materials ensure that isoTHERM® by Frenzelit shines with consistently high properties.
Our high-temperature-resistant technical fibers pave the way for modern thermal and acoustic insulation. For decades we have been driving the development of new finishing techniques and material properties. 

Application temperature limit 750 °C (short peaks up to 800 °C)

These green-colored textured special glass-based products are extremely textile even at high temperatures. isoTHERM® 800 is characterized by its high temperature and chemical resistance and is harmless to health.

  • Filament diameter 6-13 μm
  • Incombustible (in accordance with DIN 4102)
  • Loss on ignition < 3%
  • SBG approval for all woven fabrics

Note: Temperature exposure leads to color loss. However, this does not affect temperature resistance!<br/> isoTHERM® 800 CG is the name of our needlemat product line.

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