Innovative gasket materials

Soft Materials
for conventional cylinder head gaskets

  • High-quality facing material for conventional soft cylinder head gaskets

  • Soft material for secondary gaskets

This product line is divided into two product families:


The novaplan® product family is based on fibers and mineral fillers bonded with NBR. The materials are sulfur and solvent free due to their manufacturing process. This ensures that all commercially available types of silicone can be applied to the material. Depending on the product quality, novaplan® is suitable for gasoline and/or diesel engines and is used in original equipment or aftermarket applications.


novatec® LD14 is the material in the novatec® product family developed specifically for the automotive sector. novatec® LD14 is based on aramid fibers and graphite as well as fillers bonded with NBR. Due to its high graphite content, the material is very temperature resistant and adaptable and therefore ideally suited for exhaust systems.

Both product families can be used as a conventional material for soft cylinder head gaskets, but they are also suitable as pure secondary gaskets. The materials come as a roll and can be cut to customer-specific widths. 

The economical solution for the aftermarket sector

novaplan® 50 is based on organic fibers and mineral fillers bonded with NBR. The raw material composition was designed specifically for the price-sensitive aftermarket and therefore offers excellent value for money in the spare parts business segment.

novaplan® 50 is especially suitable as a facing material for cylinder head gaskets, rolled onto a carrier plate on both sides, for use in gasoline engines as well a secondary gasket for intake manifolds and intake systems in turbochargers.

novaplan® 50 is sulfur and solvent free and can be combined with commercially available silicone materials. novaplan® 50 can be equipped with an anti-stick coating on request.

Brochure, technical data sheet and characteristic values