Expansion joints

Fabric and Non-metallic Expansion Joints

Fabric and non-metallic expansion joints must withstand loads like the system component or pipe itself and absorb additional stress, movements, oscillations or vibrations in axial and/or lateral direction – while ensuring operational safety. The main application areas are plants with gaseous media such as hot air, flue gas and acidic or alkaline gases.

To meet the highest standards, we use only the highest quality special fabrics from our own in-house production such as isoGLAS®, isoTHERM® or novatex® along with the necessary coatings.

Custom material structure:
The dimensions and operating conditions in industrial plant engineering are too specific to be able to offer only standardized expansion joints. Frenzelit specializes in creating custom-designed expansion joints.

The most important prerequisites for optimal expansion joint design include precise technical information from the operator on the installation dimensions, the pressure and temperature conditions, the medium and the movements when the system is in operation. In the Documents and downloads section you will find our questionnaire with important questions on real-word conditions.

In addition to the ISO certifications, leading manufacturers of expansion joints established the Quality Association for Fabric Expansion Joints (RAL-Gütegemeinschaft). The quality assurance body develops standards for the production and use of flexible (fabric) expansion joints. These RAL GZ-719 Quality Assurance standards are published as “Technical Information” (please see documents and download area) and are recognized by the industry and inspection agencies. The members of this association are also audited for compliance with these standards on a regular basis by independent certification bodies such as TÜV. Frenzelit expansion joints meet these standards and are approved to carry the RAL quality mark. This guarantees that our customers get the best possible quality available on the market today.