Innovative gasket materials

Industrial exhaust gaskets

Special developments for industrial exhaust applications

novaform® EXHAUST GASKETS are specifically designed for exhaust applications with increased thermal and mechanical loads on gaskets, for example in diesel engines, turbo chargers, compressors, exhaust systems, etc.

The exhaust gasket for extreme mechanical stress

The sophisticated raw material combination in novaform® SK consists of a blend of high-quality aramid fibers and functional fillers with low binder content. The soft material matrix is reinforced with a massive wire mesh insert in zigzag twill weave (material: 1.0314, galvanized), which gives the material its excellent mechanical robustness. In addition, the robust wire mesh insert ensures that the gasket has a minimum level of recovery.

novaform® SK is characterized by its excellent temperature resistance (up to max. 600 °C), extremely high tensile strength and outstanding residual stress. novaform® SK delivers reliable long-term performance even under extreme operating conditions. As an option, the gasket can also easily be equipped with a metal inner eyelet.

novaform® SK comes as a rolled good, but can also be supplied as sheets on request.

Bild novaform SK