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novaform® FSD
Gaskets with silk-screen printing

Gaskets with silk-screen printing

novaform® FSD is Frenzelit’s range of gaskets with silk-screen printing. They are used for applications aimed at reducing surface leakage with low surface pressures. A sealing contour or coating with a thickness of 10 µm to 300 µm is applied to the component to be printed. This can be punched soft gaskets, metal gaskets or components. Frenzelit selects the screen printing pastes based on the respective application; their colors can also be modified on request.

Depending on the use case, the contour design is either over the entire surface, e.g. for the application of adhesive layers, or partial to create line pressure. This makes it possible to optimize the distribution of surface pressure for minimal leakage. The silk screen height can even be varied within the contour profile.

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Product details


Temperature resistance


Hardness [Shore-A]

Standard coating heights

novaform® FSD 110

-40 to +180 °C



0.015 - 0.200 mm

novaform® FSD 140

-60 to +180 °C

Light blue


0.015 - 0.200 mm

novaform® FSD 160

-60 to +200 °C (short peaks)



0.040 - 0.060 mm

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