Building heating systems – hicoTHERM®

hicoTHERM® brings comfortable heat to buildings with an innovative electric radiant heating technology. A 0.4 mm thin heating film on a carbon fiber structure produces radiant heat like on a sunny day – with safe low voltage. The heating surface is hidden in the wall, floor or ceiling. High quality standards thanks to a fully certified heating system.

  • Uniform, spontaneous infrared heat radiation
  • Breathable heating film with a nonwoven material laminated on both sides (putty can be applied to it)
  • No damage from drilled holes or cut-outs within the heating surface
  • Healthy indoor climate thanks to discreet heat distribution without raising dust
  • Energy-efficient heating with low-temperature radiant heating
  • Prefabricated system components simplify installation
  • Long service life and maintenance-free operation possible

Applications of hicoTHERM®:

  • Full heating
  • Auxiliary heating
  • Wall drying and mold remediation