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Base material
82 ± 2 % ceramic staple fibres
18 ± 2 % cellulose as carrier fibre
core made from chromesteel wire
Application limit
with chromesteel wire: -->  1100°C
Necessary for spinning the ceramic fibre, the carrier material decomposes at
200 C.  When the material is heated up for the first time smoke development and a flaming up is noticeable. Loss on ignition approx. 18%
Metal core
Provides strength when the carrier material has decomposed. When used under stress, the carrier material determinesthe temperature limit.

Characteristics of isoKERAM
 high chemical resistance  incombustible
 high temperature resistance  resistant to hydrolyse
 rot proof  outstanding insulation properties

Products available

 yarns  packings            woven fabrics
 sealing cords
 sleevings  woven tapes

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