Trenchless sewer rehabilitation

The CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) method uses different techniques such as the inversion method to eliminate damage in waste pipelines in a cost-effective, fast, permanent and environmentally compatible way. It is used primarily in the rehabilitation of building, house connection and underground pipes. The Frenzelit isoLINE line comprises high-quality textile products developed for the hose lining process and partial pipe rehabilitation.

The T-shaped liners, short liners, head profiles and liners by Frenzelit can be sewn in small diameters and are characterized by their excellent bend mobility (45°/90°),dimensional offsets and good and homogeneous resin absorption.

The thermoplastic polyurethane coating specially developed for no dig sewer rehabilitation withstands high mechanical loads (abrasion resistant), reduces friction with the help of its smooth surface and thus simplifies installation using the inversion method.

Packers are used for introducing and positioning head profiles and T-shaped liners for partial rehabilitation. Frenzelit produces high-quality T-shaped calibration hoses in with different dimensions and sizes for this purpose.

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