Customer and installation services

Project engineering, installation and commissioning included.

To create customized solutions, you need to know exactly what the problem is. This is why personal, on-site consultation by field service engineers is a top priority at Frenzelit. They work with you to develop a solution that meets both the technical requirements and the economic demands. We prepare a detailed quote for you with specifications on this basis –

in all phases of project management: From planning and design to production and installation. Experienced service staff are at your side for maintenance and repair during the entire service life of the plant and in emergency situations – worldwide!

Cost-effective complete solutions

  • Complete installation by trained and SCC-certified staff
  • Installation supervision by supervisor for new and existing plants
  • Corrective maintenance and repair services
  • Teams for emergencies and short-notice assignments
  • Fabrication of expansion joints up to 1100 °C during inspection
  • Specializing in expansion joints for gas turbines and brick-lined channels as well as special solutions such as for vibration applications, extreme movements, highly abrasive media
  • Engineering and application engineering consulting on site
  • Fabrication of expansion joints on site if necessary
  • Worldwide availability

Your benefits

  • Better planning and coordination of the necessary work
  • Warranty from a single source without multiple vendors
  • Certified products and services
  • Understandable pricing
  • No need to provide your own resources
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Execution within the specified timeframe
  • On-site assessment and consultation
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Use of proven designs
  • Corrosion prevention by eliminating leaks
  • Installation of pre-assembled expansion joints
  • References

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Frenzelit installation services

Our engineers consult with you in person and on site. Assessing the situation with you and your designers ensures that we find the best solution. This makes it possible to balance your technical requirements and the economic aspects.

Our quote provides binding information on the performance specifications and the physical interface dimensions of the expansion joint as well as the price and the expected lead time.  If other options exist, and these are required, we can include alternative proposals.

In most cases your technical staff can install closed Frenzelit expansion joints without any problem. If you cannot provide your own staff or if you don’t have the in-house expertise for expansion joints supplied with an open design, the installation experts from our service team are at your disposal. We take care of the complete installation or you provide staff to assist our top technicians. No matter how challenging the installation conditions – we’re at your side. We can even do steelwork or organize the required services from other specialists.

Frenzelit is willing to provide a warranty for every expansion joint it supplies. We agree to the warranty with you in writing and on a case-by-case basis. You should indicate the warranty requirements in your service request. A prerequisite here is that the basic data corresponds to the actual operating conditions and that installation takes place according to our installation and work instructions.

Frenzelit expansion joints are generally labeled. By indicating the imprinted number it is possible to reproduce the respective expansion joint thanks to our database – regardless which OEM originally delivered the expansion joint. If there is no label or it is no longer recognizable, simply provide the order and item numbers indicated on the delivery note or order confirmation. Our database contains every expansion joint supplied by Frenzelit since 1985.

We examine every expansion joint we produce at the plant to ensure its dimensional accuracy. Test and inspection certificates can be provided on request.