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Produkt novaform® GB
Metal bead gaskets
Material profile
Sheets coated with elastomers in the coil process or bright metal sheets are processed into high-quality metal bead gaskets using the progressive die…
Produkt Frenzelit inner eyelet technology
Significant increase in sealing performance of static gaskets

Conventional inner eyelet technology is used throughout the chemical and process industry even though it rarely improves…
Produkt novaTEX®
High-strength, non-melting and incombustible aramid fibers are processed with both of these products. These synthetic staple fibers give novaTEX® products their chemical resistance, extraordinarily…
Produkt Special Solutions “Engineered and made by Frenzelit”
Anything but ordinary: Innovative and custom gasket and insulation solutions
The primary function is typically the focus when it comes to finished parts for series production. In our case, the…
Produkt Metal Expansion Joints
Frenzelit offers you the complete range of metal expansion joints for both round and rectangular pipe cross-sections from a single source.

Round expansion joints

Produkt Rubber Expansion Joints
Available materials for highFLEX SFR rubber expansion joints:

Produkt Multi-laminated PTFE expansion joints
PTFE composite materials

Frenzelit texlam® materials are specifically developed for use in chemical and flue gas cleaning plants. The combination of unique tightness and flexibility of…
Produkt PTFE Expansion Joints

Redo everything, including the brochure!!!
Produkt Elastomer Expansion Joints
Frenzelit elastomer expansion joints for aggressive media are made from highly flexible materials with excellent resistance. The extraordinary properties of these base materials are ideal for the…
Produkt novatec®
The hybrid solution that combines fiber and graphite.
Gasket solutions made from our novatec® material combine the advantages of fiber and pure graphite gaskets.
The admixture of pure…
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