Insulation Materials


The careful selection and optimum processing of our fibers ensure that isoGLAS® by Frenzelit shines with optimized properties.&
Our high-temperature-resistant textile glass fibers pave the way for application-specific thermal and acoustic insulation. For decades Frenzelit has been a leader in the development of new finishing techniques. 


Application temperature limit 550 °C (short peaks up to 650 °C)

isoGLAS® products are extremely textile and harmless to health. E-glass is the base material. Texturing guarantees a large storage volume and thus good insulation properties.

  • Filament diameter 6-13 μm
  • Incombustible (in accordance with DIN 4102)
  • Loss on ignition < 1.5%
  • SBG approval for all woven fabrics

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