High-performance sealing and insulation solutions for (e-)mobility applications

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Highly-engineered products help cope with emissions control and noise reduction, as well as increase fuel efficiency and system stability under ever-changing operational conditions

Evolution in the automotive industry is mainly driven by issues pertaining to comfort, safety, connectivity and efficiency. Both engineers and designers face the challenge of striking a balance between performance limits and these issues on a daily basis.

Frenzelit - a leading manufacturer of sealing, heating and insulation solutions - helps its customers in the automotive industry to reduce emissions and noise, as well as increasing safety and efficiency. This can only be achieved due to the close cooperation between all partners of the supply chain, from automotive tier-suppliers to OEM’s.

Typically, insulation and sealing insulation products produced by Frenzelit are found in thermal management, powertrain & driveline, fluid management, exhaust gas and e-mobility solutions. These are all united by the common goal to increase system stability, safety and efficiency.

Thanks to continuous R&D efforts, Frenzelit’s sound know-how in material and process engineering is unique. From the manufacturing of technical textiles - providing thermal and acoustic insulation in high-temperature applications -  to the creation of sealing technologies -  constructed using aramid fibres and performance fillers such as metal, graphite, mica or even silicone - there is a sealing and/or insulation solution tailored to meet every customers demands.

Each product developed by Frenzelit is tied to a specific manufacturing technology. For insulation applications, for example, heat-resistant insulation fibres are shaped by means of various textile technologies including spinning, weaving, knitting, braiding, needle-punching, cutting, sewing, and forming. Additionally, all insulation materials can be coated or treated, enhancing its performance, or even adding further functionality, such as heat reflection or mechanical stability.

The manufacturing of sealing and gasket solutions is similarly diverse. Soft-gasket materials are produced using calenders or Fourdrinier equipment/paper machines, and are subsequently shaped by punching or cutting. Metal gaskets receive their final shape by means of progressive dies in one of Frenzelit’s punching presses and, if required, a liquid sealing material is applied using screen-printing or dispensing technology.

Serial production is highly automated, ensuring consistent quality at reasonable cost. Prototypes can be created on short notice thanks to dedicated prototype departments.

Besides standardised products suiting a wide range of applications, Frenzelit can also supply tailor-made solutions to its customers. These individual sealing and insulation systems are developed in close co-operation with the customer by Frenzelit’s in-house project & application engineering teams. During the design phase of each project, Frenzelit’s engineers take a systematic approach, integrating useful functionality in order to exceed the original specification and maximising the customers satisfaction by including additional benefits, such as ease of assembly/mounting, retention, decoupling, filtering/purification, and heat-shielding.

Flexibility, continuous improvement, and customer focus are values that have accompanied Frenzelit through its entire history. Since the company was founded in 1881, Frenzelit’s employees have consistently set the customer and their needs as the highest priority – evolving continually in an ever changing market. The values of Frenzelit are common to all subsidiaries of Frenzelit across the globe including North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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