Degree thesis, practical semester, working student?

Have you already acquired a lot of theoretical knowledge during your studies and now you’re ready to put it into practice? At Frenzelit you gain deep insight into various fields while opening up promising opportunities for your future career.

We support you on your way, e.g. as a working student, to successfully completing your studies while also offering you a variety of possibilities to contribute your strengths and expand your knowledge.  

What our students say

“I completed my mechanical engineering degree with in-depth practical experience while I was training to become a technical draftsman.  Then I was a working student in design while earning my master’s degree and now I work as a technical employee here.”

What I really like about Frenzelit:
The professional advancement opportunities and respect shown for employees.

The application process may vary depending on the position and department. However, the following steps are key components of the hiring process:

  • Submit your application documents (PDFs) online at 
  • Confirmation of receipt
  • Invitation to an interview
  • Invitation to the second interview and/or “practice day”
  • Cover letter
    Your cover letter tells us your qualifications and strengths with respect to the advertised job. Explain to us why you are the right person for this position.    
  • Curriculum vitae
    Put your complete personal data and the most important stages of your career in chronological order. Start with your current activity.
  • References, certificates, etc.
    Make sure to include all references and certificates relevant to your CV.  

We liked your application and invited you to an interview. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you and see if you are the right person for the vacant position. We’re interested in your qualifications, but your personality is also important to us.

Depending on the position and department, you can take part in a “practice day” to get a better idea of what could be your new workplace. You get to meet the department team and take a closer look at your future tasks.

The decision for or against a candidate depends on a number of components. Most importantly, of course, your professional competence – and your personality. We look at the applicant as a whole before we make any hiring decisions or reject the application.